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  1. What does Damien Comolli’s departure mean for Liverpool?


    April 18, 2012 by David Bolt

    In their first few months of owning Liverpool, FSG made a number of major changes. Firstly, there was the appointment of Damien Comolli to the newly-created post of Director of Football. Then there was the decision to replace Roy Hodgson as manager with Kenny Dalglish. Since then, FSG have been pretty low-profile for the past year or so. That changed this past week, when they came over and made some changes as a consequence of what has been,. Despite one cup win and the possibility of another, a dismal season for Liverpool. The biggest change that was made was the dismissal of Damien Comolli. John Henry and Tom Werner then went back to Boston to attend the Red Sox’s home opener, but are due to return to Liverpool this week, leaving fans wondering if there are more changes to come., and if so, what those changes could be.

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