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  1. Football – is this the working man’s game?

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    December 29, 2013 by Sean Charles


  2. A Guide to Successful Long Term Football Betting


    January 2, 2013 by Sean Charles

    I’m not a fan of the phrase professional gambler as it has the feel of an oxymoron. For anyone to earn a consistent profit from betting requires a tremendous amount of discipline, research and self-restraint (something that applies particularly strong in football). I am not attempting to come off here as some betting guru as I know I’m not but I have been able to make decent money doing this over the past three years, enough in fact that I feel I will share some of the tips I use to whoever is reading this.


  3. The curious case of Venky’s: Astute Indian business people or ‘confused’ cowboys?


    May 25, 2012 by Andrew Howells

    Venky’s could have taken a step towards reconciliation with angry fans by making the decision to sack Steve Kean and by bringing in an experienced manager and chairman to set plans into motion to help Rovers bounce right back from the Championship. Instead, Kean, labeled by Venky’s as ‘unsackable’, is seemingly set for a stay, with Venky’s set to continue running the club themselves.

    As the owners march on, making puzzling, baffling and incomprehensible decisions, are they really successful, intelligent business people or simply plain ‘confused’?

    The case for astute business people

  4. Where’s the FA while Rovers are being raped, robbed and relegated?


    May 11, 2012 by Andrew Howells

    Football agent, Jerome Anderson, is head of the sports management company SEM, which advised Venky’s, Blackburn Rovers owners, on their takeover. Shockingly, Anderson counts among his clients, Blackburn’s current manager, Steve Kean, who was brought in by the Venky’s, along with a number of Anderson-connected players, including the agents own son.

    So, with a football agent exerting such power, influence and control over a football club – effectively ruling the roost at Ewood – where are the FA on what is without doubt unethical, improper and rotten abuse that has seen the Pune poultry pushers plague, pillage and pulverize a founding member of our fantastic game it into the ground, in just 18 months.

  5. When Soccer and Religion Collide


    April 20, 2012 by Cesar Hernandez

    London 2012

    In just three short months, the 2012 London Summer Olympics will begin. Out of the hundreds of medals which are being sought after, one gold medal will be up for grabs for twelve teams in women’s football. These twelve, along with many other teams, took part in a long qualifying process in their respective FIFA confederations for the Olympics.

    Amidst much controversy, the Iranian women’s national team was banned before their first game against Jordan in the 2nd round of qualifying by FIFA officials. The reasoning for FIFA was the use of the headscarf, or Hijab, by the team.  According to officials, the Hijab worn was a choking hazard and could therefore not be worn. However, if the women removed their headscarves they would be breaking Sharia Law in their home country. Who would win in a game between FIFA regulations and religion?

  6. A Name to Remember


    March 17, 2012 by Sean Charles

    US Citta di Palermo Unveils New Coach Delio Rossi

    Why aren’t the best Directors of Football more sought after?  It is a question that has puzzled me for a number of years now. These are guys who can literally save a club millions and propel them in one continuous desired direction that does not depend on the vision of one single manager. Too often in football we hear of a manager being dismissed and players X, Y and Z quickly becoming entirely redundant under the replacement manager as they do not fit his system and as a consequence these unwanted players are sold at a reduced value. Almost everyday we hear of some manager aggressively trying to purchase a certain player. Rarely are there stories of a chairman relentlessly pursuing a Director of Football to steer his ship.

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