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  1. What lies ahead for Chelsea FC


    April 24, 2012 by Christian Manasci

    This has not been an easy season for Chelsea FC. A side that has become accustomed in recent times to battle it out with Manchester United for the Premier League title, now finds itself sixth in the table, below Arsenal, Newcastle and Spurs. Their previous manager, Andre Villas Boas, was sacked in March after a run of disappointing results. All this unfolded amidst talk of unrest within the squad and acrimony between the manager and certain senior players.

  2. Neymar: The Future of Football?


    March 12, 2012 by Grayson Turner

    Despite being the world’s most popular sport, as an American I’ve noticed that some people perceive quality football to be monotonous. However, regardless of one’s level of passion for the sport I’ve found that a particular aspect of football fails to raise eyebrows. This aspect is flair. Even if one of my friends isn’t a football fan, if I show them a video of skillful football trickery, it’s something they realize is special and it impresses. Everyone loves seeing something done that defies expectations and as football fans, I’m sure we can all agree that nothing satisfies our appetite for flair like a good rainbow flick or a cryuff turn.

  3. Where do Chelsea go from here?


    February 23, 2012 by Ben Mepsted


    Ben Mepsted takes a look at the reasons for Chelsea’s terrible run of form and asks what can save the London club from an empty trophy cabinet at the end of the season.

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