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  1. The Premier League Season So Far: Part One


    March 5, 2013 by Nick Harland

    Liverpool: Philosopher Brendan Rodgers has had a mixed time at Liverpool this season, with the team struggling at times to adapt to his preferred style of play. Things certainly were not helped when he was conspicuous by his absence for a crunch match with Manchester United, as it coincided with the launch of his book ‘Hoof It: Why Long Ball Works.’ Rodgers was then absent for three subsequent matches to fulfil promotional duties for the best-seller. Kopites will be hoping for an improvement from The Reds in the second half of the season, but it seems unlikely after news emerged recently that Rodgers has a further two publications in the pipeline: an erotic football novel ‘Fifty Shades of Joe Allen’, and sci-fi thriller ‘Suso.’

  2. Ranking The Final 10 Games: Decision Day In The EPL


    May 13, 2012 by Kyle Brod

    Two weeks ago, I made my predictions on the three key races going on in the English Premier League. I still stand by them, although there’s one pick that I would probably change if given the opportunity. My predictions were:

    1. Manchester City wins the league

    2. Arsenal 3rd/Tottenham 4th

    3. QPR, Blackburn, and Wolverhampton relegated


    This being said, here are the games to watch on Sunday, ranked from ten to one:

    10-Blackburn at Chelsea

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