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  1. The curious case of Venky’s: Astute Indian business people or ‘confused’ cowboys?


    May 25, 2012 by Andrew Howells

    Venky’s could have taken a step towards reconciliation with angry fans by making the decision to sack Steve Kean and by bringing in an experienced manager and chairman to set plans into motion to help Rovers bounce right back from the Championship. Instead, Kean, labeled by Venky’s as ‘unsackable’, is seemingly set for a stay, with Venky’s set to continue running the club themselves.

    As the owners march on, making puzzling, baffling and incomprehensible decisions, are they really successful, intelligent business people or simply plain ‘confused’?

    The case for astute business people

  2. Ranking The Final 10 Games: Decision Day In The EPL


    May 13, 2012 by Kyle Brod

    Two weeks ago, I made my predictions on the three key races going on in the English Premier League. I still stand by them, although there’s one pick that I would probably change if given the opportunity. My predictions were:

    1. Manchester City wins the league

    2. Arsenal 3rd/Tottenham 4th

    3. QPR, Blackburn, and Wolverhampton relegated


    This being said, here are the games to watch on Sunday, ranked from ten to one:

    10-Blackburn at Chelsea

  3. Where’s the FA while Rovers are being raped, robbed and relegated?


    May 11, 2012 by Andrew Howells

    Football agent, Jerome Anderson, is head of the sports management company SEM, which advised Venky’s, Blackburn Rovers owners, on their takeover. Shockingly, Anderson counts among his clients, Blackburn’s current manager, Steve Kean, who was brought in by the Venky’s, along with a number of Anderson-connected players, including the agents own son.

    So, with a football agent exerting such power, influence and control over a football club – effectively ruling the roost at Ewood – where are the FA on what is without doubt unethical, improper and rotten abuse that has seen the Pune poultry pushers plague, pillage and pulverize a founding member of our fantastic game it into the ground, in just 18 months.

  4. How Rangers’ punishment could affect the SPL


    May 4, 2012 by David Bolt

    It is no secret that Rangers are in deep financial trouble. Thanks largely to the disastrous tenure of owner Craig Whyte, who oversaw a devastating combination of financial mismanagement and mortgaging the clubs future earnings, Rangers went into administration in February owing millions of pounds in unpaid taxes, and there were real fears that they may have gone out of existence as they couldn’t guarantee at the time they had the money to fulfil their fixtures.

  5. Can Villa save themselves from relegation?


    April 30, 2012 by David Bolt

    Every season there seems to be one team who manages to hit a terrible patch of form at exactly the wrong time and finds themselves dragged into the relegation battle. Sadly, that team this season seems to be Aston Villa. Villa have been mired in a dreadful run of form in the past few months and Tuesday night’s defeat to Bolton and yesterday’s draw at West Brom sees them only 3 points above Bolton, who occupy the last place in the relegation zone, but Bolton have a game in hand.

  6. Boardroom incompetence throws Wanderers to the Wolves


    April 27, 2012 by Adam Gray

    As slapstick relegations go, Wolves’ departure to the Championship after a three-year stint in the top-tier was relatively inevitable. On the pitch anyway, after the 5-0 mauling at Fulham on the 2nd of March, and falling ultimately 7 points adrift as they met their end at home to Manchester City, Wolverhampton Wanderers were long since resigned to the trips to Burnley and Charlton that await them in the next season.

    One win in the past 21 matches drew the air of gloom that filled over Molineux during City’s win, as the torrid weather provided the pathetic fallacy for the day. However, it was one particular defeat in this wretched run that opened the door for the West-Midland brand of lunacy that drove Wolves to a speedier fate.

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