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  1. Ranking The Final 10 Games: Decision Day In The EPL


    May 13, 2012 by Kyle Brod

    Two weeks ago, I made my predictions on the three key races going on in the English Premier League. I still stand by them, although there’s one pick that I would probably change if given the opportunity. My predictions were:

    1. Manchester City wins the league

    2. Arsenal 3rd/Tottenham 4th

    3. QPR, Blackburn, and Wolverhampton relegated


    This being said, here are the games to watch on Sunday, ranked from ten to one:

    10-Blackburn at Chelsea

  2. Why this year’s FA Cup will be better than most think


    May 5, 2012 by Kyle Brod

    After the 2-0 loss to Newcastle at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday,Chelsea now has the same focus that Liverpool has had for a few months now. Only one thing matters for these two prestigious clubs as the calendar turns to May: Trophies

    On Saturday, the two clubs will meet at Wembley for the FA Cup, a trophy that both clubs will look to take in order to justify their seasons. Currently, Chelsea sits in 6th in the Premier League, while Liverpool sits in the 8th spot, twelve points behind the Blues. Unless Chelsea win the final in Munich on the 19th, both teams are set to miss out on the Champions League next year. The domestic game is, therefore, of great importance for both clubs.

  3. EPL Table for The Last 5 Matches


    April 20, 2012 by Rami El Chamaa

    A big thanks to Bearasaurus for this piece.

    Interesting points:

    Newcastle making a strong run at Champions/Europa League Spots.

    Liverpool running away from European competitions. A full 15 pts would have had them in 5th or 6th, level with Chelsea on points. Luckily they won’t be needing a placement spot with their League cup win.

    Wigan climbing 5 pts clear of the relegation zone.

    Blackburn diving from 16th to solidly within the relegation zone.

  4. It’s All Gone a Bit Crazy in the Premier League


    March 2, 2012 by Andrew Gilfrin

    Whatever your opinion on which football league is the best, there can be little doubt that so far this season, the top clubs in the English Premier League have offered exceptional entertainment value to the fans. Everybody can appreciate a solid defensive display but it’s goals that everyone wants to see and they have been flying in since the league kicked off back in August. The immediate response, which I have heard from a number of sources, is that the defending is terrible. While I won’t deny that this has sometimes been the case, do we really believe that over the course of a single summer all of the defenders at the top clubs have forgotten how to defend?

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