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  1. In Juventus’ Weakness Lay Their Greatest Strength


    May 10, 2012 by Jeremy Lim | Italian Football Editor

    Juventus, a club accustomed to winning, yet starved of that unique flavour in recent times, roared back to everyone’s attention in the European realm as they clinched their 30th (detractors would contest that number) Scudetto, or Italian league title, on Sunday evening.

    Juventus win the Scudetto to the jubilation of their fans.

    While to the delight of their millions of fans worldwide who sensed the prize, the club’s first in six years, was at its closest to being paraded around in Turin after so long, one could not help but wonder, how did it all change for a side stuck in mid-table to reach the pinnacle of an Italian triumph in the space of a single season?

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