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  1. Width, Manchester City’s biggest problem this season.


    April 26, 2012 by Joshua Broomfield

    Despite looking at one point like they would run away with the league title, Manchester City are currently in a position where their only hope of finishing above Manchester United looks like goal difference. Notwithstanding Lee Dixon’s exceptionally perceptive insight that football results are down to a combination of form, fitness and the teams on the pitch. What has been the reason for Manchester City seemingly throwing the title away? One of the most significant reasons is that they have often lacked width, and have consequently been, at times, easy to frustrate. City’s default formation this season has been a 4-2-3-1/4-2-2-2: a back 4, two holding midfielders, two nominal wide players who drift inside and two strikers, one of which often will often drop deep to help in build up play. City’s rough first choice 11:

  2. The Importance of Width in the Premier League


    April 15, 2012 by Joshua Broomfield

    Despite the success of “inverted wingers” over the past few seasons, the more “traditional” wingers have not become redundant in the modern game. The recent form of Gareth Bale and Antonio Valencia demonstrates that players that can provide width are still a real asset to their team. 

    Over the past two or three seasons, teams have started deploying wide players on the opposite wing to their strongest foot, or allowing wide players to drift into central positions. This is what is meant by “inverted wingers”. Wide players who stay on their wing and don’t tend to drift but look to get crosses into the box are referred to as “traditional” wingers.       

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