Vitesse Pay Tribute to British Paratroopers of World War II

As we mentioned over the last week, Dutch club Vitesse planned to pay tribute in their home match against PEC Zwolle to the British paratroopers involved in the attempted liberation of their city Arnhem during Operation Market Garden in September 1944, this is an update on how the day went.  Veterans of the British 1st Airbourne Division were welcomed to the match and the Vitesse support even unveiled a tifo featuring the colours of the regiment with the famous Nijmegen Bridge in the background of their display.

The Dutch side opted away from their typical yellow and black strip to dawn the claret and blue colours of the British 1st Airbourne Division for the commemoration.  Emblazoned on the strips was the phrase ‘No Bridge Too Far’, in reference to the star-studded 1977 film A Bridge Too Far based on the events of the previously mentioned Allied mission.

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