Akeem Adams battles to stay alive

Trinidad and Tobago international defender Akeem Adeems has lost his left leg in his battle to survive after suffering a major heart attack on Wednesday 25th September.  Doctors confirmed the amputation below the knee on Tuesday morning, explaining that it was esential to aid circulation.  Adams has now undergone four major operations since the 25th and it is believes he is body is too weak at the moment to successfully handle any heart transplant.  The 22 year old has been capped 8 times for his national side and made the move to Europe to play for Hungarian side Ferencváros.


The fans of Ujpest, bitter fierce rivals of Ferencvárosi, released an incredible statement in support of Adams once they had heard the news.

Adams had played in Ferencvárosi’s 3-1 victory over Ujpest in the Budarest Derby only a few days before he was struck down.  The Ferencvárosi physio has since said Akeem told him he had felt dizzy during the match.  We will keep you updated on any developments of this story and the condition of Akeem Adams.

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