Arsenal’s Ozil situation

Mesut Ozil doesn’t seem to be in the best of places right now, either domestically or internationally. The situation with the German national team seems to have thrown him off of his game, but in reality, a whole series of things could be contributing to his ‘downfall’ of sorts. Rumours of a bust-up with Unai Emery don’t seem all that credible, but there certainly seems to be something to the idea that he isn’t himself lately.

Whatever the case may be Arsenal definitely have a situation on their hands, especially when you consider just how much they’ve invested in Ozil over the course of the last few years. He’s been viewed as one of their primary commodities, and while there have definitely been issues along the way, it’d be foolish to give up on that so easily – especially given that he’s only 29 years of age.

Arsenal have plenty of positives around the club and their first team especially right now, especially after the win over West Ham United, but it’ll still be interesting to see whether or not they consider Mesut to be a priority of theirs. Emery won’t tolerate any kind of unprofessionalism from his players and we completely support him on that, but he does appear to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It’s never positive when players are making headlines for all of the wrong reasons, and it can be difficult to turn that ship around, but that’s exactly what they need to try and do. When he’s at his best Ozil is one of the best midfielders in this division, and there are only a handful of players who can lay claim to that title.

If Mesut Ozil does decide to leave Arsenal, how big of a loss would it be for the club?

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