Arsenal’s test

Arsenal have been at the very top of their game and (arguably) at the very bottom throughout the course of this season, and they certainly got the bad stuff out of the way early. Their unbeaten run has been short of stunning, with many fans feeling as if they could easily crash and burn after their opening losses against Manchester City and Chelsea. Now, though, they find themselves on the verge of a legitimate push for the top four, and that’s all their fans could’ve asked for at the start of the campaign.

This weekend will see the return of Premier League action to our lives, and with it will be a return for Arsenal as they travel further south to take on Bournemouth. A few short years ago this kind of game would’ve been seen as a guaranteed three points for the Gunners but that’s no longer the case, and that’s more so to do with the rise of the Cherries than anything else.

Bournemouth have had a fantastic start to the season and Premier League life in general in the last few years, with Eddie Howe transforming them into a team that are capable of making a push for the European places. While a lot of folks believe they’ll crash and burn they’re one of the most dangerous teams to play in the entire division right now, because you just never know what you’re going to get.

This will be a big test for Arsenal to see what they’re really capable of, especially with even bigger games than this ahead of them. They’ve been in the habit of settling for draws as of late and they can’t afford to do that, because you just never know what you can be caught with in this league.

Will Arsenal be able to defeat Bournemouth?

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