Chelsea aim to make a statement

Chelsea kicked off their Premier League campaign in style last weekend with a relatively easy win over Huddersfield Town, at least, that’s how the scoreline made it seem. Actual Blues fans will know that it wasn’t a walk in the park by any means, and because of that, they’ll be aiming to make a statement in their next game – which just so happens to be against local rivals Arsenal.

The two teams have experienced many parallels in the last few months, from disappointing their fans by failing to qualify for Europe all the way through to bringing in new managers who are unproven in English football. These are uncertain times for both clubs and while it may seem a little bit overdramatic, this one game could end up dictating the remainder of their campaign.

The main priority for both teams will be to break their way back into the top four, but they need a good structure in order to do that. It feels like they’ve got that kind of system in place on both ends, but they’ll be coming at this game from very different angles. Blues fans are slightly more optimistic regarding where they could end up finishing this year, which is something that Arsenal can take advantage of.

Chelsea need to be very careful that they don’t allow their egos to get carried away in this game because it can be done so easily. They have a better overall squad than the Gunners but that alone isn’t going to carry them through this game, especially not as easily as they had done in the years gone by. This is a new era with a new, determined manager in Unai Emery leading the charge, and Maurizio Sarri needs to realise that he can’t get by on the reputations of these players alone.

Can Chelsea defeat Arsenal this weekend?

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