Chelsea’s surge

There have been a lot of teams who have exceeded expectations throughout the course of this campaign, but it still seems like Chelsea are flying under the radar. Under the guidance of Maurizio Sarri they’ve been able to get off to an unbeaten start this season in the Premier League, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down as they continue to keep up with Liverpool and Manchester City.

Back in August many fans and pundits were questioning whether or not they’d be able to thrive in the first season under Sarri, but they’ve passed the test with flying colours – with plans to improve in January.

If they do manage to bring in reinforcements, god only knows what we should expect from a team that could quite possibly be dark horses to take home the title. That sounds like an overestimation of what they’re capable of but stranger things have happened, and if you want an example, just go back and watch the highlights from Leicester City’s title winning campaign.

Sarri’s unorthodox style of management should send a message to all managers out there who are trying to break into the upper echelons of the title race, and while there’s a chance they could fall away as the season progresses, we don’t get that vibe from them. They’re happy to stay there or thereabouts for now, but with ten games gone, people shouldn’t be sleeping on what they’re capable of.

Their next two games will come in quick succession against Crystal Palace and BATE Borisov, and given their League Cup win over Derby County last season, that means that they’re still involved in three different competitions. That, in itself, should tell you all that you need to know about this team.

Can Chelsea push on and win the Premier League title this season?

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