City so good or Saints so bad?

The Premier League giveth and the Premier League taketh away, and while the majority of teams experience both sides of that coin, the same can’t be said for Manchester City and Southampton., Pep Guardiola’s men are the clear runaway leaders at the top of the division, to the point where it already seems quite unlikely that anyone will catch them. Southampton, on the other hand, appear to be destined to spend the entire season located towards the bottom of the table in the midst of the relegation dog fight.

Of course, these things are virtual guarantees in the eyes of many fans, which is why very few folks were shocked to see what transpired when they met at the weekend. In short, City ran through Southampton 6-1 to the point where it was almost embarrassing for the visitors, with Mark Hughes having to sit and ponder over what could’ve been against his former club.

It was an absolute mauling and it begs the question: who was the real MVP here? What’s the real story? Is it City being so good or Southampton being so bad? If you go back and look at a few of the goals for the home side you’ll notice that defensive calamities are indeed present, and the whole mentality and body language of the Saints already appears to have shifted dramatically from just a few short years ago when they were playing European football.

Manchester City are still a phenomenal football team but these aren’t the kind of games that’ll tell us that. Sure, they help, but it’s not the biggest indicator of them all and we think that the club themselves even know that’s the truth.

Was Manchester City’s win against Southampton at the weekend their most impressive performance of the season so far in the EPL?

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