English Premier League Weekly Roundup, in Rhyme: Week #2

Weary, last week, of another false dawn,
It was passing, and Sterling, and Allen, that shone.
With a header, at speed of which Bolt would be jealous,
Explosions of joy broke out on the terrace.
But you live to be villain, or perish a hero,
And a backpass, played blind, made Skrtel a zero.
So City will buy, to paper the cracks,
When maybe they shouldn’t play 3 at the back,
They could blame zonal marking, (not Michael Cox),
Or, unlike a Geordie, close up their box.
For 3 in succession, that’s 2 goals conceded,
Already, their title defence is impeded?

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Hazard is providing,
Torres is scoring, and bacon is gliding.
“Swansalona” are back, a Great Dane at the head,
With passing and moving, the butter and bread,
The Toffees are winning, and look well-rehearsed,
Or they might just be doing last season reversed.

van Persie has scored with a wonderful volley,
While Arsenal’s attack is proving their folly:
The slight little playmaker’s ruling the game,
Cazorla and Kagawa, the two I can name.
Spurs aren’t much, but give AVB time,
A couple of signings, and they’ll do just fine.
As for Newcastle, the surprise of last year,
The window is open, and could bring the tears.

Next week, they’ll wheel out Jim White and his ‘burds’,
With M’Villa to London, but Gunners or Spurs?
Llorente could come, if Wenger will spend,
Or maybe, he’ll sell his captain again.
Whilst City have one, Utd are done,
If the Sheikh doesn’t buy, then Mancini might run.
All we know, is that next Friday night,
We’ll see some big transfers: some wrong, some right.

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