Interesting Football Facts

A collection of some of the most interesting statistics in football. Credit to /r/soccer for a lot of the below statistics.

  1. Eden Hazard has a son named Leo. Gary Cahill has a son named Leo. Fernando Torres has a son named Leo. There is a lion in the Chelsea FC crest. Leo is the Latin word for lion. All three players have played for Chelsea FC.

  2. Former Liverpool man Charlie Adam is younger than Cristiano Ronaldo

  3. Diego Maradona once played for Tottenham Hotspur.

  4. While she was a director at Birmingham City Karen Brady sold her husband Paul Peschisolido to Stoke for 400k.

  5. The highest attendance recorded at Old Trafford was 76,962 for an FA Cup semi-final between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Grimsby Town on 25 March 1939.

  6. Dundee united have a 100% record against Barcelona. The Scottish side have won all four games against the Catalan giants.

  7. No Barcelona player had ever been named La Liga player of the month until Neymar was in November 2015.

  8. Germany’s birth rate went up by 30% after they hosted the World Cup in 2006; it has been attributed to the team’s performance

  9. The first ever game of Basketball was played with a football.

  10. Until 1913, Goalies did not wear different colored shirts from their teammates.

  11. A referee’s call during a football match in Peru (v Argentina) caused a riot that killed over 300 people and injured over 500 people in 1964.

  12. The World’s First Football Club was the English Sheffield Football Club founded in 1857.

  13. Baerke van der Meij, who was 18 months old at the time became the youngest ever pro footballer after he was signed by Dutch club VVV Venlo

  14. A match in South Africa in 1999 saw referee Lebogang Petrus Mokgethi, 34, shoot a player dead as that player approached him with a knife. Hartbeesfontein Wallabies were playing Try Agains at home leading 2-0.

  15. Bringing celery to Stamford Bridge is outlawed and could get you a lifetime ban.

  16. HFS Loans League team Congleton occurred in 1993 when holding a minute’s silence before the match to mourn the death of the club’s oldest fan who had reportedly passed away during week.

  17. The Isles of Scilly Football League is the smallest league in the World with only 2 teams that face each other a total of 17 times.

    18. Ion Radu was sold by Second Division Jiul Petrosani to Valcea during the official transfer window for 500kg of PORK

    19. Rino Gattuso once tried to kill Andrea Pirlo with a FORK.

    20. More recently, Manchester United are the only club in Englands top 4 leagues to have not released an away kit

    21. The only team to finish the 2010 World Cup undefeated was New Zealand. They drew with defending champions Italy at that tournament.

    22. The Norwegian National team is unbeaten against Brazil, with 2 wins and 2 draws

    23. During his trial at Arsenal, Kolo Toure took out half of the team and Wenger himself

    24. The first black football player was Arthur Wharton in the 1800s.

    25. Justin Fashanu was the first player to openly come out of gay in Britain.

    26. Chelsea legend Gianfranco Zola is the only player to be sent off in a World Cup finals… on his birthday! The Italian received a red in their second round victory against Nigeria on his 28th birthday.

    On the bright side, at least he got a card from the referee.

    27. Falkirk and River Plate are the only two football clubs outside of Italy, England, France and Spain to have broken the world record transfer fee. Sydney Puddlefoot joined the Scottish side for a then record £5,000 in 1922, whilst the Argentinians splashed out a record £23,000 on Bernabe Ferreyra ten years later.

    28. In 2014, The Netherlands ended an 18 year run of having a “Van” in their team.

    29. The entire population of San Marino could fit into Middlesbroughs stadium.

    30. No country has ever won the World Cup when the Pope has been from the same country(after WWII)

    31. In 1983-84, Romanias 3rd division (1st and 16th place (last place)) were separated by 10 points, there were only 2 points between 2nd and last place.

    32. The number of players contesting a penalty shoot out has to be the same, so if one player gets a red card another player from the other team has to sit out the shootout

    33. In 2002 Sheffield United had 3 players sent off and two injured, so they had to forfeit eventually giving West Brom the win

    34. In 1945, Arsenal played a friendly against Dynamo Moscow at an incredibly foggy White Hart Lane. Both teams used the opportunity to sneak more players onto the field with Moscow having 15 players on the field

    35. In 1927, Manchester Utd bought a player for… a freezer full of ice cream

    36. Spurs signed Jimmy Greaves from AC Milan for 999,99 pounds just so he wouldnt feel the pressure of being the first one hundred thousand pound player

    37. In 1975 the Manchester United goalkeeper, Alex Stephny dislocated his jaw while shouting at his defenders during a match against Birmingham.

    38. North Korea handpicked fans to go to the 2010 World Cup, and the rest of them were discovered to be Chinese people

    39. Muammar Gaddafi once bought shares in Juventus

    40. Two people had apparent sex in Charltons ground at late night, however this was found out to have been an advertisement plan by Charlton for their new pitch layout

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