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Football Jokes


Here are some fun football jokes for us to see out the year to.


Messi is out at a bar, and flirting with a good looking woman. She invites him over to her house, and she goes into the bathroom, telling Messi to get comfortable.
She comes back and finds Messi laying in bed with 2 naked men. She exclaims, “What the hell is going on?!” to which Messi sheepishly replies:
“I’m sorry! I can’t perform without Xavi or Iniesta!”



I was playing Football Manager on my PC when I was offered the Scotland job.  I knew it was a poor squad with no future, so I declined the offer.  I then put the phone down and got back to Football Manager.



Have you heard about the new Arsenal Bra?
It has a lot of support but no cups.



Rihanna should marry Liverpool players instead of Chris Brown, they don’t beat anyone.



A guy pulls alongside a small boy on the pavement,
‘I’ll give you some sweets if you get in the car.’
‘No, leave me alone,’ the boy replies.
‘Come on, I’ll take you for ice cream later as well,’ he insists.
The boy suddenly stops and turns to the man and says,
Fuck off Dad, I’m not going to White Hart Lane again no matter what you say.’



Three old football fans are in a church praying for their teams.
The first one asks, “Oh Lord when will Manchester City stop buying the refs?”
God Replies, “In the next five years.”
“But I’ll be dead by then,” says the man.
The second one asks, “Oh Lord, when will Manchester United stop buying the refs?”
The Good Lord – answers, “In the next ten years.”
“But I’ll be dead by then,” says the man.
The third one asks, “Oh Lord when will Barcelona stop buying the refs?”.
God answers, “I’ll be dead by then!”



A pound coin was thrown onto the pitch at Ibrox. Police are trying to determine whether it was a missile or a takeover bid.



My missus just split up with me because she thinks I’m obsessed with football.
I’m a bit gutted about it; we’d been going out for 3 seasons.



BREAKING NEWS: Emile Heskey just went on a large shooting spree in Birmingham…
No-one was hit.



David Beckham has snubbed a move to Paris St. Germain: “German is a hard language to learn and I want to finish trying to learn American.”



Man United have rested Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and Howard Webb for next week’s game against Swansea.



I met a fairy today who granted me one wish. “I want to live forever,” I said.
“Sorry,” said the fairy, “I’m not allowed to grant wishes like that.”
“Fine,” I said, “I want to die when liverpool win the premier league.”
“You crafty ****!” said the fairy.



BREAKING NEWS: David Blaine’s 40-day world record for doing nothing inside a box has been broken by Fernando Torres.



Sir Alex Ferguson is curious how Arsène Wenger’s team went on such a magnificent unbeaten run, so he decides on a visit to Arsenal’s training ground to see how Wenger trains his players.
After one day he is not really impressed by the training practices, so he asks Wenger how he gets his players so sharp. “Well, it is simple. I sometimes ask my players a difficult question, and that way they stay really sharp mentally”. Of course Fergie wants an example, so Wenger asks Thierry Henry to come over. He asks: “Henry, he is not your brother, but still he is your father’s son. Who is he?” “That is not difficult,” Henry answers immediately, “Of course that is me.” “You see? That’s the way you keep them sharp,” Wenger says to Ferguson.
Fergie, who wants to be the next “Invincibles”, decides to bring this into his training the next day. He calls Ruud van Nistlerooy over. “Ruud, I have a question for you,” he says, “He is not your brother, but still he is your father’s son, who is he?” “My God, Ferguson,” is van Nistlerooy’s reply, “That is a tough one to answer, can I sleep on that for one night?” Ferguson agrees with the one-night postponement.
So that night RvN decides to call Jaap Stam. He has been at Manchester United, so maybe he knows something about these questions. “Jaap Stam, maybe you know the answer to this question: he is not your brother, but still he is your father’s son. Who is he?” “That is easy, that is me!” says Stam.
So the next day RvN walks full of confidence to Fergie. Fergie asks: “Ruud, do you know the answer to my question now?” “Yes it was actually very easy,” he says, “Is it Jaap Stam?”
Ferguson answers, “No of course not you stupid bastard. It’s Thierry Henry.”



So a hot chick, a nun, a Galatasaray supporter and a Fenerbahce supporter are sitting together in a train.
They drive through a tunnel and suddenly the lights go out and it is completely dark in the cabin. Then there is a clapping sound just before the train leaves the tunnel. In the light again the Galatasaray fan is holding his cheek.
So the Galataaray fan thinks: “Damn, that Fenerbahce supporter must have tried to touch the hot chick, she must have thought it was me and slapped me in the face.”
The nun thinks: “That’s right. He must have tried to touch that young girl, but she didn’t want it and defended herself”
The girl thinks: “Oh, he surely wanted to touch me, but inadvertently touched the nun and she must have protected herself!”
The Fenerbahce supporter thinks: “Excellent, in the next tunnel I’ll punch that Glatasaray fan again!”


Ceasefire in Syria as UN send in Fernando Torres – No shots reported so far.

A young mother was pushing her baby along the street in Manchester when suddenly a huge rottweiler dog lunged towards the pram, gnashing its teeth. The young woman thought for a moment that the dog would kill them when suddenly a man rushed over, wrestled with the rottweiler and broke its neck with his bare hands.
Another man rushed to the scene and said, “I am a reporter and I saw everything that happened. Wait until I put the headline in my paper. It will read ‘Manchester United fan saves baby from savage rottweiler!”
“No you can’t write that!” replied the man.
“But why not?” said the reporter.
“Because I am not a Manchester United fan, that’s why!” replied the man.
“Oh, okay then,” said the reporter, “I will write Manchester City supporter saves mother and baby from savage rottweiler!”
“You can’t write that either,” said the man.
“Why not?” asked the reporter.
“Because I am a Liverpool fan!” replied the man.
“Oh I see,” said the reporter, “How about this then, ‘Scouse mauls family pet!”



What do you call a Polish urine test? a Piszcek

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