Gazidis leaves Arsenal

In a move that may not actually mean all that much to some people, chief executive Ivan Gazidis has left Arsenal for AC Milan. The move has been spoken about quite a lot in the media over the course of the last few weeks, and while it wasn’t the biggest of shocks, it certainly distracted a few Gunners supporters from what was happening on the pitch – which is a shame, because they’ve been on something of a roll lately.

There’s some kind of bigger meaning to this beyond a chief executive changing his job, because he decided to swap English football for Italian football. That could be a sign of how the tides are turning, and that ‘switch’ felt like it began when Cristiano Ronaldo decided to swap Spain for Serie A upon moving to Juventus.

While Gazidis may have just decided to follow the money, it’s still interesting to note the circumstances behind it all. A lot of Arsenal fans have been conditioned to criticise everything that happens behind the scenes, but in truth, they just need to ignore it all for now. While there are still steps to be taken before the fans feel fully on board with the club as a whole, they aren’t going to accomplish that overnight.

The negotiations for Gazidis to move to AC Milan hit a stumbling block when he decided that he wanted to demand more than what he was initially being offered, and that should tell you all that you need to know. As we look ahead to the future it’ll be interesting to see if there are any other situations like this in which a chief executive of all people holds out for more incentives, and if that’s the case, will it pay off?

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