International break joy

We’re back in business, folks.

As much as everyone may want to claim that the Nations League has done wonders for international football, in reality, it doesn’t mean all too much in comparison to what we really care about: and that’s the return of domestic football and more specifically, the Premier League. Some of the finest clubs around Europe compete in the top flight of English football on a week to week basis, and this weekend will be no different with several intriguing and high profile bouts being set to come our way.

Tottenham vs Chelsea and Bournemouth vs Arsenal are the two clear standouts, but even then, it feels like every single game has a story to it and the table is a big reason for that. We’ve had two weeks to look over and analyse how everyone has done to kick off the season, and with two thirds of the campaign still to go, it’s even more intriguing to think about what could lie ahead. Will teams drop off? Will teams have a memorable rise up through the ranks? We just don’t know.

All this is, in┬átruth, is an extended promo for the return of the best division in the world – and we aren’t about to shy away from that.

Football is at its best when you have investment from the fans, and in the wake of England’s World Cup success this past summer, it really does feel like there’s a whole new energy that has been injected into the EPL. That may be our bias kicking in but it feels like it becomes even more true with each and every passing day, and we can’t wait to see the next chapter unfold.

What are you most excited to see when the Premier League returns this weekend?

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