Is this the worst dive in football history?

We all hate to see it, and many say it makes the game unwatchable but whether we agree with it or not diving is here to stay until more is done to clamp down on it!

But sometimes players take things too far, checkout this video of Chilean player ‘menses’ taking such a blatant dive for which he was ‘awarded a penalty’ (don’t get me started on that phrase!)

News reports say that the player ‘immediately owned up to it’ but not until after the match and the penalty had won them the match.

Menses commented after the game “One has to take advantage of the fact that attackers cannot be touched inside the penalty area. So I played with a little bit of vividness and let myself fall.”. I longfor the day video replays can retroactively charge players for such blatant diving. Maybe a large fine or 5 match ban would make them think twice…..

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