Joey Barton is a thug and deserves a lifetime ban from football

The football authorities need to act and ban Joey Barton from football for good. He has once again been involved in an incident that has shocked many in the world of football, and should not be allowed anywhere near the sport again. If a fan acted how he has, they would get a banning order. What’s the difference?

The former Newcastle United, Manchester City and QPR midfielder has been no stranger to controversy over the years, having been involved in a number of incidents throughout his career as a player, where violent and aggressive behaviour has been witnessed.

The current Fleetwood manager has been charged, fined, banned and imprisoned during his career as a footballer, but that thuggish behaviour has now followed him into management.

South Yorkshire Police are currently investigating an alleged altercation between Barton and Barnsley coach, Daniel Stendel, following Barnsley’s 4-2 League One win over Fleetwood Town. The incident left Stendel needing an emergency operation.

Footage then materialised after the game that showed Barton trying to leave the stadium in a car, before being stopped by police.

Barton has been involved in a long line of sickening incidents. In 2004, in just his second season at Manchester City, he stubbed out a lit cigar in youth player, Jamie Tandy’s, eye at the club’s Christmas party. He received a fine from the club and had to pay Tandy damages.

Just six-month’s later, he was involved in a fight with a 15-year-old Everton fan at a hotel in Bangkok during Man City’s pre-season tour of Asia. Again, he was fined by the club.

In 2007, he was suspended by City after his involvement in a training ground altercation with Ousmane Dabo, an assault that left his team-mate needing hospital treatment. Barton was charged with the assault, received a four-month suspended jail sentence and a 12-match ban by the FA.

In 2008, Barton was sentenced to prison after his involvement in a fight in Liverpool City Centre, was suspended by his new club, Newcastle United, for a sending off in 2009, and in 2010, received a three game ban for punching Blackburn Rovers winger, Morten Gamst Pederson, during a 2-1 loss at St James’ Park.

In 2012, now at QPR, he was sent off for elbowing Man City forward, Carlos Tevez, on the final day of the season. He went on to knee Sergio Aguero, as well as attempting to headbutt captain Vincent Kompany, before being ushered off the pitch by stewards. He received a 12 match ban for the incident.

In February 2015, still at QPR, he received a ninth red card of his career and was released by the club. Finally, in 2016, while playing for Rangers, Barton was banished from the club’s training ground after an alleged altercation with team-mate Andy Halliday.

What a disgrace to the sport. Fleetwood need to punish this thug and every club should turn their back on him. If a supporter had done half of these things at a football ground, they would be banned for life. Why is Barton different?

Football has enough idiots; we don’t need this one too.

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