Liverpool’s rise

Liverpool defeated Fulham 2-0 at the weekend to continue their push for the Premier League title, and while Manchester City may still be the runaway favourites to claim the championship once again, it’s still worth noting how well things are going at Anfield right now. The Merseyside club have been completely and utterly transformed by Jurgen Klopp over the course of the last few years, and it’s kind of hard to argue any differently. The Reds are on track to have a thoroughly successful campaign, but it’s still important to remain as level headed as possible.

It’s a cruel turn of fate for Reds fans that this team exists at the same time as this incredible City team, but that doesn’t mean that if they don’t win the Premier League they’re a failure of a side. Hell, they can live off of their run to the Champions League Final last season for years, even if they didn’t manage to topple Real Madrid.

All Klopp and the squad can do is their best and that’s what we’re seeing being produced on a week to week basis, so it’s important to maintain some kind of perspective. Yes, silverware is the standard measurement of success, but there are other competitions out there than the Premier League – but Liverpool fans won’t tend to accept that thought process, mainly because they have yet to actually win it since the division’s inception back in 1992.

We’re unbelievably intrigued to see how this race develops as the season goes on and we’re really excited to see what will happen when Liverpool next face off against City, because right now, we’re experiencing a great period for English football with three teams still possessing unbeaten records after 12 games.

Will Liverpool actually wind up winning the Premier League title in the 2018/19 season?

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