Manchester City aren’t bulletproof


We’ve been wondering for a while now whether or not the Premier League champions Manchester City are indeed a ‘bulletproof’ team, in the sense of whether or not anyone is capable of beating them. While we didn’t see anyone actually come out on top against them at the weekend, what we did see was a determined Wolverhampton Wanderers side proving once and for all that City are not invincible.

Despite the fact that Pep Guardiola’s side controlled the pace of the game, Wolves never gave up and managed to come away with a well deserved point from the game. It was living, breathing proof that if you push this City team back and treat any game against them like a cup final, then they can definitely be stopped.

Of course, that’s not how the Premier League works most of the time, and the impetus for this needs to fall on the managers. They need to be more than capable of altering their system in the name of getting the three points, as opposed to writing games against City off as a loss. It feels like that’s what Arsenal and Huddersfield Town did in City’s other two games this season, and that isn’t the way things should work.

It’s great seeing one team dominate the competition every so often, but we already read this book last year. We want to see something new and fresh at the top of the division, or at the very least, we want to see some kind of battle for supremacy.

City will be hosting Newcastle United this weekend followed by winnable fixtures against Fulham, Cardiff and Brighton, but in reality, those games could wind up being more dangerous for them than playing the sides around them. Take it from Wolves: it’s a doable task.

Will City still win the title this season?

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