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They call it the Cashico, the modern day clash of the English titans. Both sides have come a long way in the Premier League, building priceless sides of talent scoured from all over the earth. winning titles, and hiring masterful tacticians to bring out the best of that talent is their philosophy. When the fans tuned in on Saturday, they were not disappointed. It was an epic clash that arguably put the later Classico to shame. The game was filled with drama, tactical brilliance, heartbreak, and triumph.

You guys were a bit rough on the city players…

Chelsea players’ ratings can be found here

Without overdue, the ratings

Disclaimer: To be fair, we thought the Manchester city ratings were a bit harsh. In all objectivity, the game wasn’t as one sided as the ratings make it out to be. But hey! the fans decide what the fans want!
So here are the ratings!

Jesus Navas: 6.33

A vivid presence on the flank, in the first half Alonso struggled against his pace and directness. More importantly, he caused Cahill to turn the ball into his own net.

David Silva: 6.33

The spanish wizard was by far the best player on the pitch for Manchester City. He sprayed the ball across the pitch, created countless scoring chances & even put in a defensive shift. Shame that he ended up on the losing side.

Kevin De Bruyne: 6.22

The young Belgian has a clause in his contract that would award him around 300,000 pounds for winning the ballon d’or. Sadly, with that finishing he won’t get anywhere close to it! His play was very good, link up & chances were all there. BUT, when the chance was there to extend the lead, he went missing.

Leroy Sane: 6.22

The German starlet is having a rough start to life in the Premier League. He was full of intent and running, but wing back is not his most familiar rotation. Needs more time to settle in.

Gundogan: 6

Dortmund’s previous dynamo seems to be picking up slowly after a long injury period. Dictated tempo well and was involved in most of his team’s good play.

Fernandinho: 5.22

An overall fine performance was shrouded by his late red card for violent conduct towards Fabregas. Will suffer a 3 game suspension…

Gael Clichy: 4.8

In games like this, Wenger probably thinks he made the right decision in selling him. Introduced into the game later on, was out of position multiple times and suffered tremendously, especially on the counter against Hazard & co.

John Stones: 4.8

Most expensive defender in the world? Stones has a lot to go in order to really live up to that title. There were no flagrant errors, but he couldn’t handle Chelsea’s fast counter attacking play.

Sergio Aguero: 4.44

His tackle on Luiz exemplified his performance, frustrated throughout until he went in on the Brazilian with both feet. Pep will have to deal without him for the coming month or so.

Kelechi Iheanacho: 4.33

Introduced late on, no great contribution

Yaya Toure: 4.33

The Ivorian international was thrown into the mix in a desperate attempt to gain a footing into the game late on. But to no avail

Aleksandar Kolarov: 3.9

Playing as a center back? Not everyone can pull an azpilicueta, and it was obvious. Out of position, out of depth and struggling with the Chelsea attack’s pace.

Claudio Bravo: 3.8

JOE HART! Where are you?? But to be fair, the Manchester City defense didn’t really offer him any solid protection.

Nicolas Otamendi: 3.7

Flop of the game? Well the fans think that for one reason, check the below video. Left for dead!

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