Manchester City should not defend players singing sickening song

So, Manchester City win the Premier League for the second successive year, but instead of celebrating by singing their own praises, their player’s and staff decide to mock the club and supporters they beat to the title with a sickening song.

Where is the class that they usually show on the pitch, or have we all just been hoodwinked by Pep’s smooth talking.

A video has been posted on social media that show’s City players and staff on their way home from Brighton where they won the title, joining in a version of the ‘Allez, Allez, Allez’ song that refers to Liverpool fans “crying in the stands” and being “battered on the streets”.

But whilst City have denied that the players were mocking Hillsborough and Liverpool fan, Sean Cox, who was attacked by Roma supporters outside Anfield last year leaving him with life changing injuries, City have insisted the song instead refers to last season’s Champions League final in Kiev, where a number of Liverpool fans were assaulted by masked hooligans ahead of their game against Real Madrid.

Surely, whatever tragedy or act of violence any song is referring to, it is highly inappropriate and utterly distasteful for the well paid Manchester City players to sing something that glorifies other football supporters being attacked. Are these not meant to be role models for millions of youngsters.

In this day and age, these players receive hours of media guidance to avoid saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, but it seems singing has not made the training.

Irrespective of the sickening song, why is the first thing they want to do, right after they win another league title, is sing about Liverpool, and then actually sing about their fans getting battered in the streets. It doesn’t take media training for these people to know that the song is hugely inappropriate.

The title race has been brilliant this year, but this affair has left a bad taste in the mouth. After Liverpool beat Wolves, the first thing Jurgen Klopp wanted to do was congratulate Manchester City and its players on winning the league title.

Why would City win the league and want to sing about Liverpool. They should be singing about their own club, concentrating on their own team.

Manchester City have hit the headlines over recent seasons for all the wrong reasons. First, they were implicated in the sexual abuse scandal that saw a number of former youth player’s tell their stories of abuse whilst playing at the club.

They have also been threatened with a ban from European football because of their transfer and spending policy, and now this disgusting act by their player’s.

However, City have millions to throw at PR to avoid a lot of scrutiny that many media outlets won’t persist with for fear of being banned from the Etihad Stadium. Money talks hey!

Manchester City need to come out and apologise for any offence caused, otherwise Liverpool might be far from forgiving the next time the clubs meet.

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