counter free hit invisible Marcelo Bielsa’s man-marking system

Marcelo Bielsa’s man-marking system


This video shows Athletic Bilbao’s impressive defensive game plan against Barcelona in their league game. Led by their Argentinian coach Marcelo Bielsa, commonly known as Loco Bielsa, Athletic have been employing innovative tactics. Known for embracing youth, Bielsa’s first move was to dismiss three older players. He then brought in three youngsters to replace them: De Marcos (22 years old), Iturraspe (22 years old) and Jon Aurtenetxe (20 years old).

This video shows you exactly how his man-marking system works. Against strong sides he relies on good defensive performances which results in a more counterattacking approach, while against weaker sides he plays a tiki-taka possession style.

The game in the video ended in a 2-2 draw and both sides will meet again in the Copa Del Rey final on the 25th of May.

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