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La Primera Division:

Also known as La Liga, is the top professional Spanish football league. Initially, it was founded in 1929 and constitutes of 20 teams that compete every year for the La Liga title reserved for the team with the highest number of points. The three lowest ranking teams get relegated to the lower league. The top ranking teams of the Segunda Division replace them. Moreover, over the past five years, it is arguable the top European league.


Furthermore, the biggest teams plying their trade in Spain are Real Madrid FC, FC Barcelona,  Atletico Madrid, Sevilla & Valencia. The team with the most titles is Real Madrid FC with 33 titles to their name. In addition, the “big 2” (Barcelona & Real Madrid) compete for silverware in one of the most intense rivalries of the footballing world. Every year, the top Spanish teams compete in Europe for the biggest prizes. The fans are some of the most passionate in the world. Finally, hundreds of millions of football fans across the world follow the league every year.