Plan B needed for Wolves?

Wolverhampton Wanderers began the season with a whole load of momentum, with some suggesting that they could be the next Manchester City courtesy of their finances. While that may still wind up being the case they’ve certainly hit something of a brick wall in recent weeks, with their game at the weekend serving as a huge example of that. The club were defeated 2-0 at home by bottom of the table Huddersfield Town, and to be perfectly honest, they never really looked like they were in the game whatsoever.

Some may think that’s a little harsh but it’s true, and Nuno Espirito Santo will be the first person to tell you that. Unfortunately, it also seems like he’s been unwilling to look towards a plan B to start off the campaign, maintaining a consistent starting XI throughout many of their games. Now, though, changes will likely need to be made, because they’re on the kind of run that you’d expect from a club battling relegation.

We don’t think they’re going to find themselves in that position which is okay, but they’re still only a few points away from being dragged into it. From a quality perspective they should be nowhere near the bottom three but adjusting to the Premier League can be hard, and getting yourself out of a rut amidst a bad run of games is exceptionally difficult at this level.

There’s plenty of time left for the alterations to be put in place, but a lot of Wolves supporters are getting a little bit unpatient. They want to start seeing results and they’re a fickle bunch, so we can only hope that the board don’t take that as a sign that Nuno should lose his job or anything crazy like that.

Where will Wolverhampton Wanderers finish in the EPL this season?

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