Player’s at Old Trafford need to take responsibility for their recent poor form

So, Manchester United hit a poor run of form and people are already questioning whether Solskjaer was the right appointment, whilst under-performing player’s continue to bank their substantial wages free from the flack that manager’s get.

They get it in the neck when Paul Pogba looks like he wants to be anywhere else other than at United, or when the ball bounces off Lukaku’s legs time and time again, or when Ashley Young gives the ball away…

Solskjaer says he has identified the issues at Manchester United and where they need to be addressed, but it is a gamble for the board to give him a huge war chest of funds. Qualification for the Champions League, now looking less likely, would be a huge bonus to bring in new player’s – but before he looks at who to bring in, he needs to identify the deadwood to get rid of and off the wage bill.

Here are five players he needs to show the door to this summer to free up cash and wages to spend on new talent.

Alexis Sanchez

A player brought in and earning a crazy £500,000 a week, he has never even looked like reproducing the form he showed at Arsenal and Barcelona. He has been a massive flop at Old Trafford and totally unproductive. While getting rid of him wouldn’t command a fee, getting him off the payroll would save £25m that can be added to the transfer kitty.

Paul Pogba

If he was in a better team, surrounded by better players, he might be the star everyone says he is. His talent is not in question, his attitude is. He lacks game intelligence and although he would say he is the star of the team, he still doesn’t have the ability to carry an average team forward. United should cash in while they can before his market value starts to drop. He doesn’t look like he wants to be there, especially with Real Madrid sniffing around for his signature.

David De Gea

Has been United’s best and most important player for quite a few seasons now, but he has started making some high-profile mistakes. He can still be sold at a high price, which can then be reinvested elsewhere. There is also the case for giving Sergio Romero a go.

Romelu Lukaku

Although he can be a threat against certain opposition, he is not the best technically. Modern footballers need to have a touch and some movement, but he look cumbersome and too big. A lot of moves break down when the ball gets to him. He might suit other Premier League team’s style, but United need better.

Anthony Martial

Too often goes missing in games despite his huge potential. He almost seems scared of failing and thinks he can cruise through games unnoticed. He’s also started jumping out of tackles, which is always a bad sign.

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