Playing for the manager

Achieving success in the Premier League, or the majority of leagues around the world for that matter, is pretty difficult. You need an awful lot of things to go your way and that doesn’t always come to fruition, but above all else, you need to be able to play for your manager. It sounds like a very plain and simple thing to say, and you’re probably right about that, but it still feels like an anecdote that not enough people are taking into consideration.

One such example of a team that are clearly playing for their manager is Jurgen Klopp. A lot of people write his techniques off most of the time whenever one or two results don’t go his way, but you need to be looking at the bigger picture here. Since arriving at Anfield he’s been an absolute revelation, even if it wasn’t immediately clear from the word go.

This team is made up of some genuine superstars from around the world, but that’s not enough and it never has been. They need to be playing in a system that allows for their talents to shine through as a unit, and that’s what we’ve been seeing play out over the course of the last few months.

There are certainly going to be some tricky times ahead given the strength of the teams they’ll eventually have to come up against, but Liverpool have done all they can to convince people that they’re the real deal. Six wins from their first six in the Premier League is a pretty clear statement, and it feels like this is only the beginning.

The key now will be for Klopp to ensure his top stars remain at the club in the next few years, which feels like a given at this stage.

What is the key to Jurgen Klopp’s success?

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