Revealed: The New Temporary World Cup Stadium made out of Shipping Containers

Qatar may well be one of the most controversial countries to ever host the world cup but they are getting something right at least. The seventh stadium to be built in the tiny country will host 40,000 fans and host matches up to the quarter final stages but it will be made entirely from shipping containers which can be dismantled and reused after the event.

Qatar, a nation built on oil and fossil fuels may not be known for it’s green energy innovations but using recyclable materials should have a big impact on the overall energy impact of hosting the games. Although conflicting opinions are quick to point out that the games shouldn’t even be hosted in a country where multiple stadiums need to be built and a colossal amount of energy used to cool down the 500,000+ expected visitors over the month long tournament.

Despite allegations of corruption at Fifa it looks like Qatar will still be hosting the games in 2022 even though many of it’s workers are expected to perish due to obscene working conditions and even lack of food/water. Many oppositions have stated that hosting the world cup in a country already setup with the correct infrastructure would be far more beneficial to the environment and image of the game not to mention that Qatar isn’t really a footballing nation (it’s barely even a country on global terms).

Even though most people can agree on the absurdity of Qatar hosting the games the new Ras Abu Aboud Stadium looks like an interesting project from a engineering point of view. The purpose of using shipping containers is to not only lower emissions but also allow the construction company to move the stadium once complete.

Who knows where this will lead, maybe Fifa will award future world cups to North Korea and we can all flock to Pyongyang to watch the world cup final on wooden crates?

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