Sao Paulo win Copa Sudamericana 2012

Wednesday night’s Copa Sudamericana Final ended in controversy as Argentinian side Tigre refused to come out to play the second half. A farewell present from Lucas Moura had given Sao Paulo the lead before he leaves for Paris this January. The 1-0 lead was quickly added to by his attacking partner Osvaldo with a deft chip. However, a scuffle broke out at the sound of the half-time whistle and continued into the tunnel. The details remain blurred but according to some reports Tigre felt the security officials were far too heavy handed in dealing with their players, allegedly injuring four of them at the break and even rumours of a revolver being pulled out on some players. The Tigre players refused to return to the pitch for the second half, stating fears for their own safety being the main reason, and after a five minute countdown referee Enrique Osses blew the final whistle and declared Sao Paulo champions, prompting an eruption of euphoria from the home crowd.

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