Saving Jose

It seems like the theme of Manchester United’s season thus far has been do or die, especially when it comes to manager Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese boss has been faced with many calls to resign, and the club themselves have been bombarded with fans wanting him to get the sack. Whatever the case may be he has certainly faced some adversity, and he did so again at the weekend as United held onto a 2-1 lead to register three big points against Everton.

It was always going to be a tricky game given the circumstances of United’s run of form recently, but they still managed to get the best out of their star names with Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial being the particular highlights. Sure, they made it difficult for themselves as they always seem to do, but adversity comes to everyone – especially in a division as notoriously tough as the Premier League.

From a football perspective, it’d be great to see the Red Devils kick on now, because Mourinho is at his very best when his sides gel as a unit. He has yet to break the ‘Fergie curse’ of sorts that has surrounded United ever since Sir Alex Ferguson left Old Trafford, and who knows, he may never break it.

Even with that, though, his resilience to stay in the job when everyone wants him gone is similar to Ferguson himself during his first few years at the club. We aren’t suggesting that he’s going to go on to become a club legend because he’s got a seriously long way to go if that’s his end goal, but who knows, maybe he can silence the critics a few more times before he likely leaves United at the end of his current deal.

Will Mourinho survive until the end of the season?

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