Showing your support with a football credit card

If you happen to be in the balance transfer market this summer, you may well have looked at adding a football credit card to your squad. However, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before making that last minute substitution.

What can you expect from kick off?

There are various providers like MBNA out there that will vie for their cards to have a place in your wallet, but each should be considered on their individual merits right from the outset. Once you’ve looked at the representative example and are happy with the interest rate on offer, you should think about what else there is to the account. For example, a 0 per cent balance transfer rate will allow you to transfer existing credit and store card balances over, making them easier to manage and potentially more affordable. Just make sure you are aware of any handling fees and annual charges that may apply.

What does it add to your arsenal?

Every one of these options is different, but all will usually give you something very special related to your individual club. For example, if you were to opt for one of MBNA’s Manchester United credit cards, you could expect to benefit from a special reward scheme set up exclusively for fans of the Red Devils by the card provider. Red Rewards, as it is known, gives you discounts on club merchandise, access to competitions and draws for what are described as ‘money can’t buy’ prizes and much more.

What kind of season will it give you?

One of the great things about football credit cards is that they are not only available with competitive rates of interest, solid balance transfer deals and dedicated rewards schemes, but are also able to do so much more besides. Every time you use the card, your credit provider will make a contribution to the club associated with it. This all goes towards some of the wider projects these clubs invest in like academy schemes and helping the local community – all of which means you’ll be contributing without even trying.

You can apply for a football credit card pretty quickly and easily online and will receive a decision straight away in most cases. Of course, it gives you a way of being just that little bit closer to your team, as well as a branded card you’ll want to show off when out for a meal or down the pub. That said, like any credit option you should always take the time to compare your options and make sure it’s the right one for you.

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