Spanish Football Club celebrates promotion with ‘stripper’ – where’s the harm?

A Spanish football club who celebrated their promotion by inviting a performer to celebrate with them are being criticised for the act. A video has emerged showing the players of Club Esportiu Llanca enjoying their success with a leather-clad dancer who is performing in just her underwear in the changing rooms of the club’s stadium.

The club has since issued an apology, but what harm have they actually done? This is a group of young men enjoying themselves after a great achievement. There will be thousands of young men across Europe on stag do’s doing exactly the same, enjoying themselves and celebrating, without having to issue apologies to people.

It seems that when a group of young women invite male strippers, or go to male strip shows, this is seen as fun, a bit of a laugh. When men do it, it is in some way degrading women.

The players were filmed celebrating their promotion to the Catalan Second Division whilst watching a dancer, dressed in a leather outfit and mask, perform in front of them. She climbs onto a chair and dances in just a bra as the players cheer and applaud. She then strips down to her underwear, before taking off her mask to reveal her face and blonde hair.

The dancer then performs a forward roll, before lying on the floor and pouring champagne over herself in front of the excited and overjoyed players. Since the video was posted online the club have apologised saying in a statement: ‘CE Llanca would like to apologise if anybody felt offended by the incidents which took place in the changing rooms once the first-team match ended.’

They also wanted to make it clear that the performer had been hired as ‘a gift from one person’ and that the club ‘in no way’ were involved in hiring her, adding it was never the intention to offend anyone, just to celebrate their promotion to the Catalan Second Division.

It transpired, via local media, that the dancer had been hired by the club’s secretary, Franscesc Romero, who said nobody on the club’s board knew about the surprise he had arranged to reward the players achievements.

When asked about the matter, Romero said it was a party atmosphere and that nothing had got out of hand. There was cava, smiles and joy, but she did her show calmly and at the end, she got dressed and left.

So, where is the issue? Football Club’s and players are often condemned for their behaviour off the pitch, and in some cases, rightly so. But this was just a team of young men who had worked hard all season to achieve their goal, letting off some steam.

Too many people are quick to be offended or find offence over every little thing, when there are much bigger issues going on in the world. So, Club Esportiu Llanca, enjoy your success in whichever way you choose to, and don’t let dreary people spoil your fun.

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