The big six-pointer

The Premier League is a phenomenal division even at the worst of times, and this weekend helped to further prove that point with a series of fantastic matches involving some of the biggest and best clubs not only in England – but in Europe as whole. Alas, the same cannot be said of Fulham and Huddersfield Town who not only won’t play until tonight on Monday Night Football, but also can’t really be dubbed as two of the ‘best’ teams in the division courtesy of their insanely poor form throughout the first few weeks of the campaign.

It sounds harsh to say that but it’s just the truth of the matter, and that kind of ‘truth’ is going to keep coming from the fans if not from the media. Both clubs have star power within their ranks but they haven’t been able to utilise it in a consistent and efficient manner, which has left them on the inside looking out of the relegation battle.

There’s still a long way to go and a lot more football to be played, but that kind of cliche will only get you so far. The Cottagers have spent big but none of that matters if you aren’t able to gel as a unit, and at this rate, they’ll be waving goodbye to the top flight in the blink of an eye. Huddersfield, on the other hand, did well to keep themselves up last season but fame is fleeting – and so is success at the top level if you aren’t able to improve and adapt to the times.

We’re hoping for something of a shootout that gives both teams some hope throughout the remainder of the campaign, because it’s never fun to watch a team roll over and give up.

Will either of these two teams be relegated this season?

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