The Hazard dilemma

Premier League: Chelsea vs Everton Hazard Taking On Two Defenders

As we look ahead to the rest of the season, it’s clear and obvious to see that Eden Hazard is going to be an integral part of Chelsea’s operation in their attempt to recapture the Premier League title. The Belgian has slowly been getting better and better as his years at Stamford Bridge have gone on, to the point where he’s established himself as arguably one of the best footballers on the planet.

Alas, this has naturally caused some interest from elsewhere, with a handful of bigger clubs sniffing around to see whether or not he’s available. The biggest of them all is Real Madrid, aka the European champions, who have made absolutely no secret of their desire to bring Eden over to the Bernabeu. In fact, they’re quite open about it, and the man himself has also hinted at being interested in the move.

The biggest problem of all in the next few months will be wondering what his thought process is going to be, because as this stage, we have to question how passionate he is about playing for the Blues in comparison to the allure of the Real challenge. After all, we’ve seen Courtois push Chelsea to the side in favour of a move to La Liga, and it’s not exactly hard to picture Hazard doing the same thing when you consider his perceived attitude problems in the last few years.

With a new reign beginning under the guidance of Maurizio Sarri, one of the things that fans will be looking for is commitment. It’s understandable that Hazard wants to expand his horizons and move to Real, but instead of beating around the bush about it, just come out and make the move instead of dragging it out – because that’s what damages clubs.

Will Eden Hazard move to Real Madrid next summer?

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