The international break returns

You don’t have to like it and you certainly don’t have to enjoy it, but what you do need to do is accept it. We are, of course, referring to the return of the international break. Year in and year out we are subjected to a series of qualifiers and friendlies, and most of the time, it passes us by without anyone giving it too much thought. Alas, while the games themselves might not be that important, what they represent certainly is.

Because for most fans, it allows them to spend some time away from the beautiful game. That isn’t always the case especially with lower league teams, but for the most part, they get a chance to enjoy something aside from football. That’s not always a bad thing, because getting to recharge your batteries can be key when you’re following a sport as stressful as this.

In terms of what it means for the clubs themselves, though, they’ll┬ábe nervously waiting to see whether or not their squad comes back fully fit. We’ve seen it before: players getting injured on international duty which then proceeds to impact their domestic career. It’s a shame, but it’s also a big part of the game.

You need to adapt to these kinds of situations in order to get better and improve, and on top of that, it gives fringe players the chance to shine in the best league in the world. Sure, the circumstances aren’t brilliant, but if everything was straightforward then we highly doubt there would be so much interest in England’s top division.

So sit back and relax over the next few weeks, because it makes the eventual return of the PL that much better.

What’s the worst thing about the international break and what is the best thing about it?

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