The Ramsey issue

As the season really gets up and going, several clubs are starting to piece together some good runs of form as they prepare for the long campaign ahead. One team who have been able to surprise quite a few people thus far during the campaign is Arsenal, with seven straight wins in all competitions to their name.

Alas, while there are many positives to be drawn from that, there are a handful of negatives that threaten to plague their season. One such example is the issue of Aaron Ramsey and his contract situation, with the Welshman being on the verge of leaving the Gunners courtesy of the dispute.

The majority of Arsenal fans would likely rather see him stay, because he does have spells of brilliance in him, but in the grand scheme of things they understand that the best course of action for everyone is to allow the guy to leave. It’s not like he isn’t worthy of a pay rise, but earning a quarter of a million pounds a week seems excessive from an outsider’s perspective.

Aaron Ramsey has been with the club for a decade and it can often be quite difficult to ‘let go’ in a lot of ways, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. Ramsey has the kind of playing style that could make him a successful midfielder anywhere in the world, which makes sense given that he’s been linked with a switch to Italian football.

The focus should be on what’s happening on the pitch, so hopefully, this can be put on the back burner until at least the January transfer window when a proper farewell can be provided for the midfielder.

What are your thoughts on the Aaron Ramsey situation, and do you think he has been unreasonable with his wage demands?

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