The reality check for Wolves?

Some fans, who don’t support Wolverhampton Wanderers, have been revelling in the fact that their recent run of form came to an end at the hands of Watford at the weekend. The Hornets scored two goals in quick succession and were able to keep the home side out in the second half, despite Wolves showing signs of life from the first minute until the very last.

While we can somewhat understand why other clubs are throwing them under the bus, it just comes across as jealousy in a lot of ways. The financial side of the club’s operation isn’t exactly a secret, and it’s not hard to understand why they’ve been able to get themselves to this point. However, it feels like the vibe around the club involves so much more than just the money side of things, and it’s important to have some perspective.

This is a team that was languishing down in the third tier of English football not too long ago, and now, they’re rubbing shoulders with some of the best clubs in Europe. Even in these early stages of the campaign they’ve already taken points off of Manchester City and Manchester United, and they’ve given every single team they’ve played for a good game – although some would argue that Leicester have been able to figure them out moreso than others.

For Watford, the win against Wolves was unbelievably impressive given how they’ve stumbled in recent weeks, and it showcases what one victory can do for any given club. They’ll now have bucket loads of confidence and should have renewed hope of a place in the top eight, whereas the big test for Wolves will be how they can bounce back from this defeat.

How much stock did you put into Watford’s win over Wolves at the weekend?

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