Time of reflection for Mourinho

The first international break of the season is officially upon us, and it should serve as something of a rest period for quite a few managers in this league. While there are some that will want to try and keep their momentum going as best they can, the likes of Manchester United have been fairly inconsistent – and therefore, will likely need to take a step back and analyse how things have gone as of late.

Sure, they managed to pick up the win against Burnley, but that’ll only delay the inevitable if manager Jose Mourinho doesn’t alter his mindset or strategy in some way, shape or form. He’s certainly a successful boss at this level as he’s proven throughout the course of his career, but at what point does that ‘matter’ in comparison to what’s going on in the present day?

His attitude towards both the media and the team itself has raised a few questions, regarding whether or not he actually wants to be at Old Trafford at all – or if he’s just attempting to be paid off in a big way.

When they return to action, United will face two really tough back to back games in the form of Watford and Young Boys, with the latter signalling the start of their Champions League campaign this season. Before the campaign began those two games probably wouldn’t have been all that scary for the Red Devils, but at this point in time, there’s no team in the world that they shouldn’t be cautious of in some way.

With Romelu Lukaku finally hitting the back of the net and Alexis Sanchez starting to piece things together, the general thought process is that things will start to come into place now. Whether that comes to fruition, we’ll have to wait and see.

What do Manchester United need to do in order to improve?

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