Tottenham dismantle Manchester United

Coming into last night’s game it felt like Spurs and United were pretty evenly matched, despite their ‘different’ starts to the season, shall we say. Alas, in the end, it really didn’t end up being all that close at all, as Tottenham Hotspur tore through Jose Mourinho’s side in a rampant second half display at Old Trafford.

It actually seemed as if the Red Devils were having the better of the play in the first 45 minutes, but they were made to pay for not sticking the ball in the back of the net. Of course, that’s something Spurs have specialised in throughout the last few years of their development, and under Mauricio Pochettino, it seems as if the only way is up for the North London club.

Goals from Harry Kane and Lucas Moura ensured that the visitors would be walking away with all three points, and at this stage, all eyes simply must turn towards Mourinho. His cocky and somewhat delusional persona came out once again in the post-match press conference, the players don’t seem to be playing for their manager, and we’ve all heard about the ‘third season curse’ that seems to follow him around like a bad smell.

Nobody can ever tell him what to do, but changes almost certainly need to be made in order to get the best out of this Manchester United team. His tenure definitely isn’t doomed by any stretch of the imagination and he just needs to try and commit to the idea of making the necessary alterations to the team, as opposed to being stubborn.

Some will say that it’ll be interesting to see how things develop, but in reality, Mourinho won’t be around to see it for much longer if these kinds of results and performances persist.

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