Goalkeeper refuses to stop penalty

This incident happened in the Romanian first league, LIGA I, in 2012. In the video, the team that conceded the penalty, Voinţa Sibiu, was furious at the referee for being completely biased towards the opposition, Petrolul Ploieşti. The ref awarded 2 red cards and 3 penalties for challenges that didn’t exist. As we can see, the players were protesting against the very poor refereeing, and some of the players even left the pitch.

The goalkeeper decided to join the protest by making zero effort to try and save the penalty. He turned his back to the shooter, but was awarded a yellow card and the penalty had to be retaken, and then he just stood still and let them score the fourth goal.

The referee was suspended for 6 months after review of his performance.


Here is a funny comment posted on youtube:

“Torres would pay to face this kind of keeper”

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