Why Liverpool vs Man City was so important

In terms of the bigger picture, the 0-0 result stemming from Liverpool vs Manchester City was really important for both clubs. From an entertainment standpoint, however, we can understand why people weren’t particularly entertained. Here we have two of the biggest and best clubs not just in England but Europe as a whole, and they can’t muster up a single goal between them in what was considered to be the biggest Premier League game of the season thus far.

Alas, you need to put yourselves in their position. Both clubs know how damaging a loss would’ve been and they know what it would’ve done to their confidence, especially given how tight it is at the top. They’re both holding onto unbeaten records which is something you’ve got to take into consideration, and when coming out of the game, they had minimal issues to deal with.

They’re still right there in the hunt for the title, and they also have another clean sheet under their respective belts. It’s almost as if they subconsciously agreed not to go all out in an attempt to win the game, with both sides eventually settling for the point – although the Mahrez penalty miss certainly won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

This title race is going to be a shootout whether we like it or not, with both clubs, as well as Chelsea, doing everything in their power to torch the teams below them whilst also having some trepidations against each other. We saw this play out between Liverpool and Chelsea too, and with City vs Chelsea still being a few months away, it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic of all three clubs changes between now and December. With 20 points apiece already, this should be one of the most exciting races in years.

Who would have been happier with the draw – Liverpool or Manchester City?

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