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Five Things to Expect from this World Cup

June 20, 2014 by Sean Charles

With having the advantage of being able to guage the first round of gmes from the group stages, we give you our predictions for the World Cup.


5) Messi’s Argentina will fall short again

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Reckon You’re A World Cup Expert? Let’s See!

June 19, 2014 by Sean Charles

World Cup Expert is a new game developed by MobiWins, a group of football fans, who have worked for the past 4 years to pioneer the most interactive and comprehensive World Cup prediction game.  The registration phase starts on June 10th, you can register at any time throughout the Group Stage until June 27th. Register now on


The Game can be played on smart phones, tablets and PCs, and will engage you in a unique experience from the beginning until the end of the World Cup Competition, placing you at the center of the action throughout the World Cup month.

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Kosovo make their international debut

March 10, 2014 by David Bolt

Last week saw international football being played all over Europe, with friendly games giving most of the European teams going to this summer’s World Cup another chance to experiment with different players and formations, or just to give players a little more international experience.

However, one of those international games was a little different from all the others. For a start, there weren’t any national flags or symbols on display and no national anthems were played before the game. That didn’t matter too much to the host nation however, as it was their first ever international game; a game which for years seemed unlikely ever to happen. That nation is Kosovo, who hosted Haiti on Wednesday night.

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Football Reunites in Cyprus

November 21, 2013 by David Bolt

It’s not often I can write something in praise of FIFA and UEFA. However, last week, they may have helped to broker a deal to end a bitter dispute between two nations (in terms of playing football, anyway) and to bring in one of the largest European nations currently outside of FIFA and UEFA in from the football wilderness.

Cyprus is an island nation in the east of the Mediterranean Sea. Throughout history, Cyprus has been subsumed into the various empires that have existed in the Eastern Mediterranean, ending up as part of the Ottoman Empire. The population of Cyprus was split, mostly between people of Greek and Turkish extraction, with about 75% being of Greek origin and about 25% of Turkish origin.

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Aviva La Revolution

November 16, 2013 by Sean Charles

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Can Iceland make the World Cup?

October 12, 2013 by David Bolt

By Tuesday night, something incredible may have happened in European and World football.

One European nation may well have taken a giant step towards becoming the smallest ever country to qualify for the World Cup by securing a place in the playoffs, meaning they would be just one two-legged tie away from making the World Cup.

This team has scored more goals in qualifying than much stronger teams like Spain, France, Portugal, Serbia and Croatia and has managed to defy the odds in order to give themselves a real shot at making history.